Monday, January 31, 2005

Back to the Comprehensible

This chapter is a nice change of pace from the previous one. A few things from my reading:

1. "...he [Max] will survive." (449) While will Max survive? Because he is adept at stealing others work and passing it off as his own?

2.On 450-1 Otto retells a story he heard from Wyatt about a forged Titian being found over top of a real Titian (with another painting in between): "I mean he didn't know he knew it, but it knew, I mean something knew. I mean, do you see what I mean? That underneath that the original is there, that the real... thing is there, and on the surface you... if can only... see what I mean?"

It's almost as if Otto is trying to limn God or the soul or fate or something beyond us, something metaphysical. The kernel of truth beneath all the veneer.

3. Love Anselm's idea that "...God has become a sentimental theatrical figure in our literature, that God is a melodramatic device used to throw people in novels into a turmoil." (458) Don't we see that happening here in T.Recs. But can we consider it sentimental or melodramatic?

4. The description on 464 of the "new" Sherlock Holmes story provides a nice counterpoint to Wyatt's "new" paintings by Flemish masters. While the Holmes story is about numbers and surface, Wyatt recreates in a more spiritual way. He recreates not through analysis but through a kind of memory (see top of 461).

5. Anyone want to take a shot at Esme's letter?