Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Obscure Chapter: 2.3

I still find a great part of this chapter very confusing and hard to get through (thankfully, it isn't too long, and the next chapter is much clearer).

Wyatt is returning home (again, never referred to by name), thinking he will leave his city life behind and go back to becoming a clergyman. His father, Gwyon has become as abstract as Wyatt and has become a Mithraist, to which he wants to initiate his son (he worships in a way the sun). The Town Carpenter, as I understand it, thinks Wyatt is a returned religious hero, Prester John. And your guess is as good as mine with regards to Janet (the mating with the bull thing escapes sense to me).

The weather is quite important in this chapter and Gaddis does wonderfully with making it seem quite ominous even though by all accounts its just a snowstorm.

I love the paragraph at the top of 399: "...the saneside outside sheltering the insane inside: to present the static sane side outside to another outside saneside [etc.]..."

I just don't know what else to say here. It's a strange, dark, and often completely obscure chapter.