Thursday, January 13, 2005


Okay, here are the page ranges for the rest of the chapters. They aren't all equal but it's hard to combine them in anyway without making them too long. So, I'd suggest we just do a chapter a week. The shorter chapters will provide catch up time (well okay I combined some in section three, 12 pages in a week is a little absurd).

2.3 390-445 (1/16)
2.4 446-486 (1/23)
2.5 487-541 (1/30)
2.6 542-567 (2/6)
2.7 568-646 (2/13)
2.8 647-699 (2/20)
2.9 700-720 (2/27)

3.1 723-732 + 3.2 733-768 (3/6)
3.3 769-823 (3/13)
3.4 824-855 (3/20)
3.5 856-900 (3/27)
Epilogue 901-956 (4/3)

How's that look to those of you still following along? I just reached 390 last night. Should we push it back one more week for section 2.3?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A Real Forgery

Hey there Gaddis-bloggers. I though the group might find some interest in this news story.

In 1997 the Art Newspaper ran a major investigative story headlined "At
least forty-five van Goghs may well be fakes."

The book that occasioned the story, by eminent van Gogh scholar Jan
Hulsker, questioned the authenticity of numerous paintings and drawings, some of
the Dutch master's most famous images among them. Since then, experts around the world, especially in the Netherlands, have striven to sort out van Gogh's oeuvre
definitively, a process that continues.

The article details information on some Van Gogh paintings that may be fakes and how researchers are trying to determine the real from the forged.