Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Unswerving Punctuality of Chance

"Opening one of Nietzsche's books at random, you have the almost novel experience of not continuing on by way of interiority." -- Deleuze

Being the novice, I will stab at brevity. D's post was elucidating, as is the annotated guide thereto. It is only espresso fuelling this post, but it was the apt-named Avery Reverend barleywine which so helpful last evening. Detritus from such aside, I see hints of a continium between counterfeiters and the mounds of Gwyon's textual authority, not the monolith that compells May in her quotidian trials, but a bulge of possibility. That said, the circumstances of Wyatt's infirmity and recovery were quite dense and I thought the text at large appeared to flow untethered once May passed on. Thanks again for the opportunity to participate. Sorry, everytime Harold Bloom surfaces in the ether the spectre of Naomi Wolf is not far away. ciao - jon


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